News & Update

July 18, 2017
Signed Contract with VIYELLATEX Group a leading conglomerate in Bangladesh for Providing ESMS Consultancy Services to new investing project by Proparco, France.

July 15 , 2017
B-ADVANCY appointed for Preparation of Environment Management Plan (EMP) on Ashuganj 450MW CCPP by Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. (APSCL) located at Ashuganj, Bangladesh.

May 03, 2017
Conducted Certified Lean Manager (CLM) program in Dhaka for the first time in Bangladesh.

Aug 15, 2016
Conducted Five Days IRCA, UK Certificated Lead Auditor Course on BS OHSAS 18001:2007 from 11-15 August at Dhaka.

Aug 07, 2016
Conducted Five Days IRCA, UK Certificated Lead Auditor Course on ISO 14001:2015 from 03-07 August at Dhaka.

Aug 06, 2016
Conducted motivational program on leadership:Inspiring Leaders on 6th Aug at Hotel Saint Martin, Chittagong.

Aug 05, 2016
Successfully completed in house motivational training program "AMRA KORBO JOY" for R.M. Group Industries at Chittagong.

Jun 06, 2016
Successfully completed an Internal Auditor Course on Integrated Management System (IMS) from 04-06 June at Premier Hotel, Dhaka.

Jun 06, 2016
Conducted back to back motivational program on leadership:Inspiring Leaders on 5th June at Hotel Saint Martin, Chittagong and on 6th June at Grand Oriental Hotel, Dhaka.

May 08, 2016
B-ADVANCY has signed agreement with Jamuna Group for ISO 9001:2015 Certification at their corporate office, Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka.

April 23, 2016
Conducted Motivational Training on Leadership:Inspiring Leaders at Grand Oriental Hotel, Dhaka.

April 16, 2016
Conducted Training on Carbon Footprint at Grand Orientl Hotel, Gulshan, Dhaka.

Business Consultancy & Advisory

In today's competitive environment, businesses need to rapidly respond to the dynamic market conditions with agility and innovation. B-ADVANCY Business consultancy services helps you smoothly navigate the changes, understand business requirements, respond to customers and harness new business opportunities like never before. We have a team of expert consultants who combine excellent domain knowledge and innovative thinking to formulate a strategy that efficiently aligns with your unique business objectives, and delivers striking results throughout your business cycle.

+ Management Excellence

Corporate Environmental Management

Corporate environmental management is becoming increasingly more important as government, industry and the general public are becoming progressively more informed and demanding high levels of environmental performance.

B-ADVANCY understands the environmental management pressures placed on organisations and can assist by effectively applying environmental management solutions that are specifically tailored to your business needs.

B-ADVANCY can assist your organisation corporate environmental management to:

  • Enhance corporate image
  • Minimise environmental liabilities
  • Implement environmental and business objectives
  • Maximise the efficient use of resources
  • Achieve a competitive edge
  • Increase profit through more efficient operations.

Our Environmental and Sustainability Management services include:

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Sustainability Reviews
  • Audits and Due Diligence
  • Reporting and Corporate Environmental Advice
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Incident Planning, Management and Reporting
  • Training.

Lean Kaizen Six Sigma Consultancy - Routes to business excellence

+ Technical Management

+ Engineering Management

Integrated ETP Design and Installation

  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic design based on effluent size (flow) and quality (environmental parameters)
  • Conversion of basic design to implement drawing [manual and AutoCAD]
  • Hydraulic flow diagram (supply and distribution details)
  • Piping and electrical drawings
  • Architectural solutions
  • Equipment sizing and lay-out
  • Specification of compatible building materials
  • Optimize space and power consumption
  • Comply guidelines of Regulatory Bodies

Modification of ETP

  • Assessment of existing structure and treat ability
  • Re-construction and re-installation in limited space as per Regulatory Bodies requirement
  • Customise operating parameters to suit plant specific requirements

+ Project Management

+ Financial Management

+ Sustainability Management

Energy Management

An Energy Management System is a fundamental tool for how your organisation identifies, plans and implements energy savings and improvements. Key principles of a best-practice Energy Management Systems are essential to establish and operate an effective system.

B-ADVANCY's Energy Management consultants can assist your organisation to implement key principals in order to:

  • Develop and implement an effective system in line with the international standard ISO 50001:2011
  • Increase profit through more efficient energy operations
  • Establish comprehensive and realistic processes to monitor energy use and resources
  • Align your Energy Management System with existing corporate policies and processes
  • Increase business value by acknowledging the importance of energy
  • Ensure the Energy Management System processes and procedures comply with legal and contractual energy requirements.
  • Integrate your Energy Management System with other management systems such as environmental management (ISO14001) and quality management (ISO9001) systems.
  • Empower employees to develop and implement new initiatives that improve energy performance.
  • Establish continuity and consistency in energy management.

Carbon Management

Carbon management is one of the biggest environmental challenges companies face today. With the implementation of the carbon tax and the impending emissions trading scheme, B-ADVANCY understands that companies are constantly looking at ways to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

Our consultants can work with your business to implement a successful and effective carbon management solution that will:

  • Develop and implement an effective system in line with the international standard ISO 50001:2011
  • Deliver savings that support both your environmental and financial goals
  • Enhance credibility with regulators and stakeholders
  • Protect and strengthen your brand and reputation
  • Ensure that you comply with current legislation
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Help you to attract new business and strengthen existing relationships.

B-ADVANCY's carbon management consultants offer the following services to promote carbon management:

  • Carbon accounting and footprinting
  • Tailored carbon strategies relating to potential opportunities and liabilities under current and proposed legislation
  • Generation of detailed recommendations for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction
  • Ongoing monitoring of GHG and other emissions
  • Preparation and delivery of the necessary GHG and energy reports to satisfy voluntary and mandatory GHG emissions commitments
  • Review and meet voluntary and obligatory GHG emissions abatement targets
  • Provide independent advisory services on carbon trading and carbon offsets

CSR Management

At B-ADVANCY we leverage the experience and expertise of our consultants and independent experts to provide innovative corporate responsibility & sustainability strategies across different markets and industries, with a vision to increase the business performance and overall competitiveness of our customers.

Our CSR strategy team can help your organization develop:

  • A holistic corporate responsibility strategy that leverages your organization's capabilities and strategic resources and addresses the sustainability challenges being faced by your organization and its stakeholders.
  • A keen market insight to identify key environmental and social trends and assess their strategic and financial impact on your business.
  • A thorough assessment of your current CSR programs to identify strengths and gaps.
  • Specific goals and KPIs to ensure your CSR targets are met.
  • A 360 degree approach to program implementation to ensure transparency, speed, efficiency and impact.
  • Impact assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your CSR strategy.

Sustainable Products

To provide a turnkey operation for sustainable consultation, B-ADVANCY can provide a wide range of energy saving and cost effective products, aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

  • Energy optimization
  • Solar technology
  • LED lights
  • Energy saving modules
  • Water saving devices

To discuss your carbon management needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today.